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Volk Racing SE37K Wheels


Here are some specs and measurements:

Manufacturer: Volk Racing
Model: SE37K
Color: Black
Standard Accessories:
  • 4 black valve stems
  • 20 chrome lug nuts
  • 4 aluminum hub rings
Optional Accessories: "basic" black centercaps
Nominal Sizes: 17x8.5" 17x9.5"
Offsets: +40mm +40mm
Weight: 15.4 lbs 16.6 lbs
Width: 9 5/8" 10 5/8"
This is a guess based on measuring the front -- I had 10 1/8" here before, but I think I must have misread the ruler on this one.
Diameter: 18 5/8" 18 5/8"
Backspace: 6 7/16" 6 15/16"

Weight includes "basic" center cap, hub ring, and valve stem. I also weighed them without these items and the difference did not measure on my scale, except that the 17x8.5" wheel seemed to be right on the edge of 15.2 and 15.4 lbs. The scale is a high quality digital bathroom scale that reads in 0.2 lbs increments. Weight did not include lug nuts. Width and diameter were measured from the very edges of the rim. Backspacing was measured from the rear rim edge to the wheel pad that mates with the hub.

They look really nice. The texture is crinkled except for the outer lip that is machined smooth. There is a white "VOLK RACING SE37" sticker on the lip near the valve stem hole. The basic $20 center caps (as opposed to the fancy $26 ones) have the same texture as the wheel finish.

The tires I used are 245/40-17 and 265/40-17 Bridgestone Potenza S-03. They are expensive, but they seem to be the best street tires out there, and if you are going to get nice wheels it seems foolish to get cheap tires. Maximize your investment. My initial impressions are that they have softer sidewalls than the Yokohama AVS Sports I was running on the stock wheels, but they have noticeably more grip. They are "softer" feeling but stickier. I haven't really pushed the limit yet, but they seem to stick beyond what the AVS tires could handle. Grip under braking especially is pretty amazing so far. The sidewalls are more rounded than the Yokohamas (I like the square looks of the AVS better), but the S-03 has some interesting details in the sidewall and tread. 


I suck at photography and the sun was setting, but here goes:



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