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Crooked Willow Racing Dual Oil Cooler Kit

I have a base model, so it only had one oil cooler. After a lot of miles, the cooling fins on the cooler were pretty beat. In the interest of engine longevity, I decided to install a Crooked Willow Racing Dual Oil Cooler Kit. The kit comes with everything you need including coolers, lines, fittings, a thermostat, and brackets. To maximize the efficiency, I also got the optional carbon fiber ducts. The kit is really nice because you know that you have everything you need from the beginning of the job. Mine was installed in a single day, though it did take all day. None of the install was especially difficult, it is just a lot of stuff to remove and reinstall.

The Kit:

kit2.jpg (50931 bytes)

A Cooler Installed:

left_cooler_bottom1.jpg (44888 bytes)

A Duct:

back2.jpg (22311 bytes)

Two Ducts:

new_sidebyside2.jpg (13369 bytes)

The Stock Ducts Don't Seal Very Well:

stock_duct3.jpg (33496 bytes)

Cooler Comparison:

cooler_compare.jpg (41154 bytes)

A Cooler Installed with Duct:

oncar_bottom2.jpg (37210 bytes)

Front View:

oncar_front1.jpg (26256 bytes)


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