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The fuel system can be a mysterious thing. We hear lots of claims, suggestions, recommendations, and advice. It is difficult to figure out what we need and why we need it. I have written this section of my web site to help you understand the fuel system of your third generation RX-7. My hope is that this knowledge will help you make good choices for your car so as to keep it reliable and enjoyable. That said, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information here, so you must proceed at your own risk.


  • Why Upgrade?
    This section describes why it is so important to upgrade the fuel system on the third generation RX-7 and why it must be one of your first few modifications.
  • What's Available?
    This describes what components and systems are available as fuel system upgrades.
  • Basic Calculations
    This section describes how to calculate the fuel requirements for your engine.
  • Limitations
    This describes the limitations of various fuel supply components and strategies.


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