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This is my first set of dyno runs with the new motor (and my first runs ever, for that matter). I was running 12 psi primary and 13 psi secondary boost. I still need to get it tuned and the odd shape of the torque curve indicates some room for improvement there. I might need to put some different pills in, too, as the ones in there now were optimized for my old, cracked turbos. I am very pleased with the high RPM performance that seems to indicate that the mild street port that I got from Mazdatrix was the perfect setup for my goals. I wanted to be able to make good power all the way to redline (8000 RPM), which it clearly does here. I am also pleased with the run-to-run consistency and that my stock iginition seems to be working even at the top end. Maybe I won't install an ignition amp...

With some tuning and a midpipe (these pulls were performed with an N-Tech high flow cat), I seem to be on track for my 375 RWHP goal at 14 psi on race gas. We'll see...

dyno2000-08-19.jpg (80227 bytes)


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