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Willow Springs (Aug 11-12, 2001)

My brother flew out from Michigan to do some time trials with me at the NASA event at Willow Springs International Raceway on August 11 & 12, 2001. It was super hot that day and we ended up overheating the car three times. I guess it is to be expected with a high power FD running two drivers in back-to-back sessions in the high desert at 105F. The car seemed fine afterward, so I guess it didn't harm anything. My brother Jack is a more experienced driver than I am, so he was running in the Intermediate group, with me running in the Beginner group. I eventually got bumped out of the Beginner group, which put me in the my bro in the Advanced group. We couldn't get the Hot Lap to work right, but based on other cars that did have timing, I think Jack was running 1:38s and I was probably running 1:45s once the track opened up.

I was later reading Super Street, and spotted our pit area in the background of a shot, check it out:



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